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Halborn Acquires Web3 Automation Startup Abyss Consulting



January 28th, 2022

In a press release distributed yesterday, Halborn announced their first acquisition: Web3 automation startup Abyss Consulting. The acquisition of Abyss, a former collaboration partner of ours, has accelerated the launch of our new Research & Development division called Halborn Labs. 

By combining our end-to-end cybersecurity services with Abyss Consulting’s rapid prototyping, Halborn can now turn its portfolio of security product concepts into fully realized and market-ready tools that make the world of Web3 safer.

With our first acquisition, our elite blockchain security team now benefits from the added expertise of Abyss Consulting’s custom automation services, including automated testing, custom workflows, and proprietary systems designed to reduce company overhead. 

Abyss Consulting Co-Founders Everett Carney and Sean O´Leary will be leading Halborn Lab’s product development and rapid prototyping units.

For more information on the acquisition, read our press release