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Case Study: Strengthening Security for RocketReach’s Global Professional Contact Platform

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Overview of the Client

RocketReach stands as a premier professional contact search platform, distinguishing itself through unparalleled data quality and a robust technology foundation. Trusted by over 20 million users, including 95% of the S&P 500, RocketReach harnesses patented technology to access a vast network covering 700 million people and 60 million companies worldwide. This platform is essential for sales, recruiting, marketing, and entrepreneurs aiming to establish direct connections with key decision-makers.

Client's Challenge

As RocketReach's business expanded, the imperative to bolster network and application security became increasingly apparent. The company confronted critical challenges that required urgent attention:

  • The need for a detailed evaluation of internal network vulnerabilities to prevent potential data breaches.

  • An imperative for a thorough analysis of enterprise customer workloads to ensure scalable and secure platform usage.

Halborn's Solution

Halborn swiftly responded to RocketReach's needs, conducting an exhaustive security assessment that aligned with RocketReach's tight schedule. This evaluation encompassed the network, codebase, and applications, significantly boosting confidence in customer data protection.

What set Halborn apart was the exceptional communication skills, particularly the use of Slack, which facilitated a highly collaborative environment. Halborn invested time in understanding RocketReach's application and its business rules, thereby crafting an assessment that was not only thorough but also deeply insightful for the team.

Going Above and Beyond

With Halborn's expert intervention, two significant outcomes were achieved:

  1. Identification and mitigation of performance degradation vectors on the RocketReach platform, with a comprehensive action plan to prevent future exploits.

  2. Establishment of a strategic partnership that significantly enhanced RocketReach's security posture, thereby reinforcing trust within their customer base.

For organizations in need of a security evaluation that is both thorough and collaborative, Halborn is the go-to partner. Our approach to communication and our deep dive into understanding the nuances of your business ensures a tailored security roadmap. RocketReach's experience underscores the value of having Halborn as a strategic partner, not just for meeting immediate security needs but for fostering long-term trust and security confidence among customers.