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At Halborn, we believe in constant learning and staying ahead of the game. We are the authors and teachers of the only comprehensive blockchain and smart contract security course on the market:

We are also the co-authors of the new course

Steve Walbroehl

“For decentralized technology built on blockchain and smart contracts, security is the top priority of developers and users. It needs to be taken seriously for us to see widespread adoption, and as an advocate of security, I know the best way to protect something is to first learn how to break it.”

- Steven Walbroehl


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Why Sans

There have already been widespread security breaches, fraud, and hacks on blockchain platforms, resulting in billions of dollars in losses. These issues, along with growing scrutiny by government agencies to find malicious users abusing the technology, are tarnishing blockchain’s reputation. SEC554 approaches blockchain and smart contracts from an offensive perspective to inform students what vulnerabilities exist, how they are exploited, and how to defend against attacks that are currently leveraged today.

SEC554 will teach you the essential topics of blockchain and smart contract technology. The course takes a detailed look at the cryptography and transactions behind blockchain and provides the hands-on training and tools to deploy, audit, scan, and exploit blockchain and smart contract assets.

Some of the skills and techniques the students learn are:

  • How to interact with and get data from public blockchains
  • How to compile and deploy smart contracts
  • How to exploit vulnerable smart contracts, nodes, and private keys
  • How to test and exploit weak cryptography/entropy
  • How to discover and re-create private keys
  • How to set up a local ethereum blockchain for testing
  • Investigate, install, and prevent crypto-jacking malware
  • What cryptojackers do and how to trace and track movements on blockchain
  • How to protect and defend against non-technical or social engineering types of attacks that adversaries use to access and steal from victims