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Case Study: Elevating Security for Tholos' Digital Asset Custody Solution with Halborn

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Client Overview

Tholos leverages enterprise-grade infrastructure to provide a secure and efficient treasury management environment. Their streamlined digital asset custody solution empowers organizations to enhance their digital asset management, offering peace of mind and confidence in their services.

Key Security Challenges

  • Holistic Platform Security: Tholos sought to ensure the comprehensive security of their platform, spanning both mobile and web applications. Their objective was to safeguard against attack vectors that could threaten their users' digital assets.

  • Consistency in Security Logic: Tholos recognized the importance of maintaining consistent security logic throughout their applications, ensuring that security measures were seamlessly integrated at every level.

Services Performed

Halborn conducted a Web and Mobile App Pentest and code review to comprehensively assess Tholos' platform and identify potential vulnerabilities.

Solutions Provided by Halborn

  • Comprehensive Re-Testing: Halborn conducted thorough re-testing to ensure that all identified vulnerabilities were addressed effectively, leaving no room for potential security gaps.

  • Security Awareness: During the report review and retesting process, Halborn actively engaged with Tholos to raise awareness of security risks and the importance of maintaining a secure application. This educational approach empowered Tholos to better understand and address security concerns.

  • Timely and High-Quality Reporting: Halborn delivered reports on time, maintaining a high level of quality and precision. These reports provided detailed insights into vulnerabilities and actionable recommendations for mitigation.

  • Open Communication and Team Support: Throughout the engagement, Halborn maintained open lines of communication and provided full support to Tholos' team. This collaborative approach ensured that Tholos had the necessary resources and expertise at their disposal.

Identified Security Concerns

Halborn's assessment uncovered a number of areas of improvement with regards to Tholos’s security posture. These were then remediated by the Tholos team and reviewed by Halborn’s team of experts.

Halborn's partnership with Tholos ensured that their digital asset custody solution was fortified against security threats. Tholos can now offer a secure and trustworthy environment for their clients, with confidence that their platform is resilient against potential vulnerabilities and attacks. The collaboration exemplified Halborn's commitment to excellence, security, and continuous support in the blockchain space.