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Case Study: Enhancing Security for nWay's Web3 Gaming Smart Contract with Halborn

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Featured Partner

Client Overview: 

nWay is a renowned developer, publisher, and tech platform for competitive multiplayer games across mobile, PC, and consoles. Their innovative approach incorporates Web3 gaming features into their smart contracts, making them more intricate than typical smart contracts. 

Key Security Challenges:

  • Proxy Pattern Verification: nWay needed to verify the security of the Proxy pattern they had implemented in their smart contract, ensuring it was resistant to potential risks and vulnerabilities.

  • Smart Contract Hacking Mitigation: To safeguard their platform from any potential hacking threats at the smart contract level, nWay sought expert validation and security assessment.

  • Overall Smart Contract Flow Analysis: nWay required a comprehensive evaluation of their smart contract's flow to identify and rectify any abnormalities, reducing the risk of unforeseen issues down the line.

Halborn’s Solutions:

  • Test Case Coverage Analysis: Halborn conducted a meticulous assessment of the test cases and provided a detailed report highlighting any missing elements to ensure comprehensive test coverage.

  • Real-time Communication: Halborn's real-time communication significantly expedited the audit process, enabling prompt responses to queries and concerns.

  • Beyond-the-scope Expertise: Halborn willingly shared their expertise in blockchain, even addressing inquiries beyond the scope of the audit, demonstrating their commitment to nWay's success.

  • Algorithm Improvement Insights: Halborn provided valuable insights for enhancing the algorithm used within the smart contract, contributing to its overall robustness.

  • Proxy Pattern Evaluation: Halborn reviewed nWay's Proxy pattern implementation, offering constructive feedback and identifying areas where improvements and additional security measures could be applied.

  • Thorough Core Functionality Validation: Halborn executed a comprehensive validation of the core functionalities of the smart contract, ensuring it met security standards and performance expectations.


  • Smooth Proxy Pattern Implementation: With Halborn's guidance, nWay successfully deployed the smart contract using the Proxy pattern, confident in its security and resilience.

  • Seamless NFT Minting and Claiming: nWay's platform experienced trouble-free NFT minting and claiming processes, thanks to the thorough security assessment performed by Halborn.

  • Enhanced Security and Community Trust: Halborn's audit and collaboration instilled trust not only within nWay but also within their community, as they deployed a stable smart contract, bolstered by the assurance of its security.

In partnering with Halborn, nWay achieved their goal of enhancing the security and stability of their Web3 gaming smart contract, ultimately delivering a safer and more reliable experience to their users. Halborn's expertise, real-time communication, and comprehensive evaluations played a pivotal role in this success, providing nWay with the confidence needed to thrive in the competitive world of Web3 gaming.