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Case Study: Elevating Security for Tweed's Web3 Platform with Halborn

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Client Overview

Tweed offers a bridge between web2 and web3, helping companies onboard web2 users by providing a wallet-as-a-service solution that includes key management and comprehensive wallet features, as well as a direct-to-NFT payment layer. Tweed empowers companies and their users to interact with blockchain technology simply and securely, across use cases including gaming, ecommerce, ticketing, and the arts. With 100% self-custodial key management, companies can onboard users globally and compliantly from day one.

Security Challenges Tweed Faced

Tweed's ecosystem requires rigorous security audits, especially for software that deals with digital assets and payment details. While Tweed takes pride in the cybersecurity expertise of their technology team, they recognized the importance of having an independent third-party assessment of their systems to protect against hacks. Furthermore, as Tweed deals with sensitive data, they needed to make sure no manipulation or unauthorized access to its platform was possible. Completing the security audit with Halborn not only ensured the security of their platform but also provided the credibility needed to engage with more clients.

Services Tweed Received

  • Smart Contract Audit (SCA): Halborn conducted a comprehensive security audit of Tweed's smart contract. This audit included a thorough static and manual code review to ensure that the smart contract's functionality operated as intended.

  • Web App Penetration Testing (Webapp Pentest): Tweed's web application was subjected to a rigorous penetration test by Halborn. This involved a white-box approach to uncover flaws in logic, processes, and implementation to enhance the security of the web application.

Solutions Provided by Halborn

  • Enhanced Contract Security: A thorough smart contract audit identified vulnerabilities and implemented proper access control measures to minimize the risk of bad actors gaining control over the contracts. This step significantly bolstered contract security.

  • Improved Security Posture of the Application: The web app penetration testing revealed areas where sensitive data could potentially be exposed or manipulated. Halborn's assessment led to the implementation of safeguards to protect this sensitive data from unauthorized access or manipulation.

Results Achieved for Tweed 

  • Security Issue Identification: Halborn identified and reported on security issues of varying degrees of importance, all of which were documented and addressed.

  • Enhanced Contract Security: Proper access controls were put in place to mitigate the risk of unauthorized manipulation of contracts, ensuring the integrity of digital assets and payments.

  • Improved Security Posture: Tweed's application saw a notable enhancement in its security posture. Vulnerabilities that could have exposed sensitive data to unauthorized access or manipulation were addressed and fortified.

The security audit and penetration testing conducted by Halborn provided Tweed with confidence in the security of their Web3 platform. The partnership with Halborn not only validated their commitment to security but also equipped them with the credibility needed to expand their client base and offer secure Web3 experiences to their partners and users.