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Case Study: Accelerating the Future of NFT Liquidity

Featured partner:

Featured Partner

Overview of the Client

The client operates at the forefront of the NFT market as the leading NFT liquidity protocol, offering a pioneering platform that bridges NFT holders with liquidity providers through a permissionless smart contract infrastructure. Their peer-to-peer platform facilitates the borrowing and lending of NFTs, creating a dynamic ecosystem for NFT liquidity.

Client's Challenge

The client aimed to secure and deploy their Version 2 (V2) Protocol, including an innovative Governance module, onto the Testnet, with aspirations for a swift transition to the Mainnet. Despite a recent audit of the V2 protocol, the addition of new features, notably a Compound-based governance module, necessitated a comprehensive security reassessment. Their top priorities also included a WebApp, Cloud Auditing, and a Smart Contract Assessment.

Halborn's Solution

Halborn played a pivotal role in the successful launch of the V2 Protocol. By engaging closely with the client, Halborn's team ensured that all new features and components were rigorously tested and secured, paving the way for a smooth and successful rollout.

Going Above and Beyond

Halborn's dedication to the client's success was evident through their proactive engagement. Our team:

  • Provided real-time fixes and remediations, working alongside the client to address issues as they arose, ensuring that the V2 launch met its scheduled timeline without compromising on security or functionality.

  • Engaged in marketing collaborations, extending the partnership beyond security services to include promotional support through platforms like Twitter / X, enhancing the visibility and impact of the V2 launch.

Clients preparing for significant launches, especially those with fixed timelines that demand rapid updates and feedback, will find an ideal partner in Halborn. With Halborn's team of dedicated Technical Project Managers (TPMs) and specialized security engineers, clients can anticipate hands-on support tailored to meet the unique challenges of deploying secure, innovative blockchain technologies. Halborn's expertise ensures not only the technical readiness of projects for launch but also contributes to their strategic visibility and market entry.