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Case Study: Enhancing Blockchain Infrastructure Security

Featured partner:

Featured Partner

Overview of the Client

The client is a prominent leader in the digital asset and blockchain space, offering access to the expanding digital economy by bridging sophisticated financial services with cutting-edge technological expertise and solutions, including an enterprise-grade custody platform. They connect institutions with web3 innovations, managing over $8 billion in assets, working with more than 1,000 institutional trading counterparties, and supporting over 200 portfolio companies within the digital asset and web3 economy.

Client's Challenge

Seeking to ensure the security and stability of their Cloud & Local Infrastructure, the client approached Halborn for a comprehensive security review and advisory services. This initiative was critical for maintaining their leadership position and safeguarding their extensive digital asset management operations.

Halborn's Solution

Halborn responded by deploying a team of four specialized engineers, each assigned to work on five concurrent projects tailored to the client's specific security concerns. This approach allowed for a thorough review across multiple aspects of the client's infrastructure, ensuring a comprehensive security assessment within a condensed timeframe.

Going Above and Beyond

Halborn's commitment was evident through:

  • Regular and proactive updates, facilitating seamless communication between the engineering and project management teams.

  • Offering additional security advice beyond the immediate scope of work, directly aligning with the client's interests.

  • Demonstrating remarkable flexibility to align with the client's schedules, priorities, and security concerns.

  • Conducting an exhaustive security review swiftly, thanks to the strategic parallel execution of assessments.

  • Providing actionable best practices, references, and advice to enhance the client's security posture and address identified issues.

Prospects facing similar challenges should engage with Halborn to benefit from its multidisciplinary team's expertise. Halborn excels in providing end-to-end security reviews, covering Infrastructure & Cloud Reviews, Key Management, Web App pentesting, Stress Testing, and code reviews. This holistic approach ensures significant improvements in a project’s security posture, irrespective of its maturity level, from startups to established enterprises.